Meet your trend-intelligent social media marketing agent.
with Koi, your brand can...
Get curated, on-brand social media content ideas generated for high engagement.
We analyze the strategies of the highest performing social content in your space and generate unique brand media employing those strategies and trends.
Stay up-to-date with hot and emerging trends in your market.
Instead of spending time searching the internet for what's hot in your space, we'll automate the research for you and synthesize the results into a simplifed digest.
Explore trending social media content strategies.
We analyze top-performing social media content and extract the themes and strategies that make them successful into an easy-to-understand format.
See trend-inspired business ideas tailored to your brand.
Koi uses collected market insights and social strategies to generate novel business ideas for brand and product innovation.
Supercharge post ideas with your custom brand media.
Koi generates captions and ideas from your brand images and help you pick the best media to accompany a trending caption idea.
+ even more!
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